Kathy Morsell

For over two decades I have been coexisting with the vast space, mind blowing winds, magnificent mountains, blue sky, milky way and rainbows in Northern New Mexico’s Sunshine Valley always creating pottery and growing gardens.

Life in Japan, an apprenticeship with Taos micaceous potter Mary Witkop, working as a chef, farmer, and the fascinating humans along the way, have been a great source of inspiration.

Many thanks to the past, present and future for the opportunity to create hand-built pottery.

paz y amor



“I wanted to tell you again how much more enjoyable the Quarantine has been with your beautiful bowls and pottery. “

“Every time I use one of the dishes: plate- large bowl- platter – it brings me so much joy.”

“My sister was just here to get some perennials and I gave her some ice cream in one of the small bowls. She loved it.”

“I love the look; the design; the feel – the versatility.”

“I LOVE this bowl.”

“I just finished unpacking. Oh my.”

“Each piece brought a smile to my face.”

“What a treat to open each and every one.
They are all absolutely beautiful.
I will treasure them…”

“…AND I LOVE the card and dipping bowl. Will be great w Sushi.”

the bag and packaging

this burlap , bag hand marked with a japanese brush,
not stamped with hand made card is how i package my wares once they are sold.

people love the bag and packaging… …all one of a kind, like the pottery…..